Top Takeaways from SEMDA 2016

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Now that a couple weeks have passed and the dust has settled, I would like to take a few minutes to express my gratitude and share a few of the pearls from those who participated in SEMDA 2016.  First, I want to thank Tif Wilson and Bob Crutchfield for their vision and commitment to enhancing the regional collaboration among the southeastern medtech community by making Nashville the selection for SEMDA 2016.

  1. Nashville was exactly the right place for SEMDA 2016. The host committee was amazing. Thank you Jim Stefansic, Neely Carlton, Eric Elmquist and Lance Black. The hospitality and vibe was amazing and the social engagement via #SEMDA16 was buzzing, which also serves as an excellent archive of some pearls of wisdom dropped by the presenters and attendees.

    We achieved our goal of 400 registered attendees, had more exhibitors than ever, and maybe the best food in the history of SEMDA! And in case you missed it, here are the top data points on the state of southeastern medtech innovation (including the deck) from my opening presentation.

  2. We learned the future innovation coming out of young southeastern medtech companies is encouraging. Congratulations to PitchRounds finalists Digital Vision System, Sweetbio, Strataca, Adhesys Medical and Innara Health. The competition was exceptionally tight. At the end of the day Digital Vision Systems claimed the top prize. We will be watching closely as you progress from concept to commercialization. Hopefully we will have a funding story to write about one or more of these companies as we did with Sweetbio, MB Ventures and Innova this year. Who’s next? We can’t wait to find out.
  3. SEMDA Past President Tif Wilson also announced the launch of Medtech Women at SEMDA. Tif, Executive Director of the Global Center for Medical Innovation, a SEMDA Board Member, and the Chair of Medtech Women @ SEMDA, laid out the vision of the group: “Our vision is to serve as a strong advisory network for mentoring and professional development for female professionals and innovators across the medical technology industry in the Southeast. We want to see more women positioned for executive leadership in the industry and involved in the entrepreneurial process.”

  4. In the plenary sessions, we learned that big data is becoming more and more tied to medtech in many different ways – data from medical devices is being used for real-time decision making and will be critical to assess the value of technologies going forward, so manufacturers must now consider this factor  in product development through regulatory approval and post-market.  Companies like J&J are looking for innovations that include a big data component, as this will assist in providing better outcomes.  Payors such as BCBS and CMS are providing access to big data for better decision-making as well. Thank you to all of our plenary speakers, session moderators, panelists, staff and attendees.

Save the date right now for SEMDA 2017 in Atlanta on April 26 and 27. In the meantime, follow SEMDA on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest southeastern medtech news and events like SEMDA’s next Quarterly Meeting in Atlanta in July.

Sincerely, Jason