A note of thanks and a few of our favorite quotes from SEMDA 2018

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Greetings, all! We hope your experience at the SEMDA 2018 Medtech Conference was of high value and that you will continue to use us as a resource for connectivity within the Southeastern medtech ecosystem year round.

Here are a just a few of our favorite quotes and insights from SEMDA 2018.

– “Faith based regulatory science doesn’t exist.” – Mike Fisher, GCMI

– “The best entrepreneurs we deal with are disciplined about the way the communicate with their investors, especially when things aren’t going well. Entrepreneurs, your job is to build your credibility with investors. Bring the right team with the right experience and right understanding of the market and its pain points. Combine your technology with an execution plan in the right market place, a painful problem someone is going to pay for and soon.” – Matt Dunbar, Venture South

– “[Our big investments] are going to be in de-risked products.” – Kip Roberts, Medtronic

– “10% of U.S. biopharma IPOs came out of the Southeast ecosystem in 2017. Investors in Boston and northern California will see us as the Southeast, [not as individual states]. If we’re all hitting them separately, the only only have so much bandwidth. Consolidate pinging into that investor base, [to generate] a more efficient conversation and flow into them. SEMDA’s alliance is spot on because that’s how the investors see us. Understand the element of time in pitching. Keep it crisp and concise. The ecosystem here must help ensure companies are doing that. The bar for us is higher than a local company ‘just down the road’ from them.” – Joe Lee, JPMorgan

In case you missed it: Southeastern U.S. life sciences groups form alliance

From our friends at Medical Design & Outsourcing, “We are strongest as a region,” said Russell Allen, president and CEO of Georgia Bio. “If we are to advance medical technologies to improve care, reduce healthcare costs and create new jobs, our state associations must work closely together to connect innovators and share resources.” Read more from Medical Design & Outsourcing.

So many thank yous

At the risk of missing someone, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our President David Huizenga, SCBio President and CEO Sam Konduros and Erin Ford for their leadership in the state. A special thanks goes out to our conference leaders: Christine Thiesing, Chair, Kathryn Becker, Program Chair, Rob Natowitz, sponsorship, Charlie Harrison, program, and Ashley Hancock, program.

Finally, a genuine thanks to Colette Inomata for her tireless work on behalf of the organization as a whole and to all of our sponsors, speakers, panelists and producers without which none of this is possible.

Congratulations Micro C Imaging!

Twenty-two medtech startup and early growth stage companies met with investors and pitched their businesses to several of our investors, corporate development professionals, and industry colleagues at SEMDA 2018. When the dust settled Micro C Imaging won the early-stage PitchRounds competition and walked away with $10,000 to support the commercialization journey of their agile fluoroscopy technology.

Congratulations to founders Dr. Gregory Kolovich, MD, MPH, BSEEE and Evan Ruff, MBA, BSCmpE!

Stay involved year round

SEMDA does not take a hiatus after the annual conference. Stay involved and learn more about the resources available to medical device innovators by engaging with us. Stay tuned for location and date details for the 2019 edition of the SEMDA Medtech Conference. In the meantime, follow SEMDA on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest.

What did you think? How was your SEMDA 2018 experience? What would you like to see more of? How can we increase the value of your experience in future editions? Email admin@semda.net