About Us

The Southeastern Medical Device Association (SEMDA) is a regional non-profit trade association that supports and promotes medical device and medical device data system (MDDS) companies in the Southeast.

Created in 2004, the association provides unique educational resources to accelerate device development and achieve commercial success with access to funding, education, and networking opportunities for medical device companies, inventors, physicians, investors, tech transfer offices, universities, sponsors, and service providers interested in growing the medical device industry in the Southeast.

Through quarterly and members-only meetings, regional and national affiliate joint events, as well as its highly regarded annual conference, SEMDA provides a forum where members can obtain valuable development information, learn from top speakers and panelists, and meet with individuals and groups who can assist them in achieving their business and medical device objectives.

Our Mission

The Southeastern Medical Device Association (SEMDA) is a non-profit association designed to network medical device companies and provide them with resources to grow.


Member Sponsors

SEMDA membership and attendance is limited to those companies and individuals working within the field of medical devices including:

Executives and employees of medical device companies, venture capital and angel investors who invest in medical device companies, physicians and/or engineers starting or running medical device companies, university researchers, and professors or other faculty focused on the medical device space. Service providers to the industry may participate as sponsors.

Ready for SEMDA’s unique resources and networking opportunities to grow your business?