Furthering regional engagement & meeting the minds behind up and coming medtech innovation: our Orlando PitchRound Road Show takeaways

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The SEMDA PitchRounds Road Show is officially underway, with the exciting kick-off bringing our team and sponsors to Orlando, Florida on January 31st. The sunshine state greeted us with the usual musings but with an updated twist: we welcomed five new revolutionary medtech companies to the pitch stage, and developed strategic connections with Florida based medtech leaders. The Guidewell Innovation Center, in the Lake Nona area, partnering with us in our mission to encourage medical device innovation in the Southeast, was the perfect host location. One could easily image the Lake Nona hosting SEMDA’s flagship annual conference in the future. It was a fantastic event that surely set the stage for the rest of the tour. Here are just a few of our takeaways…

Prioritizing and furthering our regional engagement

PitchRounds Roadshow events always present the unique opportunity to meet medtech leaders in their home states – helping us cultivate new relationships and make contacts that help us better understand the state of medtech in the Southeast. While it was the first time I had the opportunity to meet our sponsors Bill Fair of Tavistock Group(Guidewell center owner), Tom McThenia with Gray Robinson, and Suzan Abramson with the Entrepreneurship Law Firm, I am certain this is just the beginning of meaningful collaboration for years to come.

Myolyn to take the stage in Atlanta at SEMDA 2017

Huge congratulations to the Orlando PitchRounds Road Show winner Myolyn! Myolyn utilizes functional electrical stimulation (FES) in specially designed mobile and stationary cycles to aid in rehabilitation of people overcoming spinal cord injury and neurological disorders at an affordable cost.

Muscles contract in response to electrical stimuli and the Myolyn cycles use this basic principle to create functional movement- optimizing intensity of stimulation applied to multiple lower body muscles to maximize work output. Their algorithm works using variables such as femur length and hip placement to apply electrical energy and generate functional motion for every body type. Not only is this technology a breakthrough in patient care, it is also just downright cool. We look forward to Myolyn hitting the main stage at SEMDA 2017 in Atlanta from April 26-27.

We look forward to bringing you a more in depth look at Myolyn in an upcoming story. Be sure to follow SEMDA on LinkedIn and Twitter for all of the latest news and stories.

Be looking out for the other companies who pitched during the Orlando event: Arc Surgicals, Aviana Molecular Technologies, ICLOAK, KynderMed, and Vigilant Biosciences. They are the future of medtech and the companies who are feet on the ground in the development of breakthrough technologies.

A few pieces of advice for companies who are thinking about pitching

Many early stage medtech companies are at a critical point in the developmental pathway. That is why taking the time to develop a thoughtful pitch, business model, and value proposition is key- along with engaging the ecosystem to help smooth the arduous process. So get out to a SEMDA pitch round to refine your skills and meet medtech leaders!

Take it from Kayla Rodriguez, COO of SweetBio- Pitch Round participants during SEMDA 2015 & 2016.

“If you are not planning on pitching, no matter how early or young your company or idea, get it ready and just go pitch. Do whatever you can to take steps forward. Redefine winning. Winning PitchRounds is not all about coming in first. Winning PitchRounds is also in relationship building.

The result: “We got to know more about who we are as a team. And while we don’t have all the answers, we have the grit and grind. Our experience at SEMDA 2015 helped refine our strategic direction, improved our pitch, opened new doors and helped validate our business.”

Interested in attending one of the remaining #SEMDAPitchRounds leading up to SEMDA 2017 in Atlanta, April 26 & 27th? Learn more here! Stay tuned for our takeaways from PitchRounds Birmingham as well.

A big thank you to our 2017 PitchRounds Orlando local sponsors: Gray Robinson Attorneys at Law, Tavistock Development Company, and Entrepreneurship Law Firm and to full series sponsors BakerHostetler, Butler Snow, GCMI and Write2Market.

Innovation: Concept to Commercialization at SEMDA 2017

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