Program update: beyond the keynotes, confirmed sessions to date for #SEMDA2019

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The Conference Steering Committee is preparing outstanding content for the 2019 SEMDA Medtech Conference. Below are summaries for currently ‘known’ panels. More details on the way soon!

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Critical Factors for Market Success

Even the best entrepreneurial concepts are ultimately worthless if their developers fail to create a strategy and infrastructure for marketplace adoption and operational sustainability. Panelists will discuss:

  • Strategies to assure their products truly meet provider needs and are presented in terms end-users will embrace
  • The internal elements necessary to maintain efficient operations and accommodate growth as the company moves toward market prominence and/or exit

Top-of-the Mind Issues for Hospitals and Physicians

One of the most basic marketing success requirements is understanding your customers’ needs and addressing them. This session will explore the most pressing issues on the minds of healthcare providers. Participants will get industry insiders’ perspective of the critical challenges facing physicians and hospitals and be encouraged to seek ways to adapt their products and messaging to demonstrate how their products address providers’ top concerns.

Predictive Applications in Diagnostics, Digital Health and Personalized Medicine

Advanced data collection and processing methods have enabled the expansion of predictive applications within healthcare diagnostics and delivery. In this panel, we will discuss relevant examples of predictive applications in research and commercial phases. We will also cover trends in the industry, developments in regulatory support by the FDA and advancements in methods and technologies in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

De-risking medtech innovation by investing in the process before the product

Too many medtech startups fail due to a lack of seed or bridge funding. More venture capital is moving away from medical devices and into other medtech spaces like health IT. This results in fewer devices with high value potential entering clinical care and saving lives. Before investing in the medtech product, innovators and the companies and investors that support them need to invest in a capital efficient development process. Investing in the development process is often more important than the product itself. The panelists will discuss elements of medtech design and development models that de-risk medtech innovation to fail faster, cheaper and help ensure funding investments are made in products with a higher likelihood of successful, capital efficient commercialization.

Book Discussion – The Innovator’s Dilemma

In an era of continuous medical device innovation, including disruptive technologies, it can be helpful to learn from the past and what caused great firms to fail across a variety of industries when faced with disruptive innovations. In his Harvard Business Review Press book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, bestselling author Clayton M. Christensen takes us on a journey through time summarizing the reasons well managed, giant firms fail as well as solutions for success. Join us for a discussion reviewing his key concepts and connecting the dots to the medical device space. While encouraged, a pre-read of the book is not required – all you need is your brain and a willingness to speak up!

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“The SEMDA Annual Conference has played a direct role in generating multiple new clients and associated revenue growth for the agency. It provides us access to hundreds of medtech entrepreneurs, growth stage companies and large corporations and institutions like the American Cancer Society among others. As the southeastern U.S. medtech ecosystem continues to grow, partnering with SEMDA helps the Write2Market healthcare practice stay informed, stay connected and generate opportunities to grow along with it.” – Paul Snyder, VP Healthcare, Write2Market