David HuizengaPast President

    David E. Huizenga is the founder and CEO of Moterum Technologies Inc., a medical device company in stroke rehabilitation. He is an expert in translating groundbreaking science into realistic commercial opportunities. Over the last 5 years, he has focused his efforts on the unique needs of the neural rehabilitation patient.

    Previously, David was CEO and cofounder of Tao Life Sciences LLC, an early stage life sciences technology development and investment company, which successfully monetized over half of its portfolio. David has been on the founding team of numerous life science companies, and has involvement in successful acquisitions and exits. David has served in a variety of corporate management roles including, as the Chief Technology Officer of Zirus, Inc. an antiviral company, where he was engaged in management of the Zirus patent portfolio, licensing, and competitive intelligence. Mr. Huizenga was a leader in the translation of the company’s science strategy to its patent and business strategy.

    Before joining the Zirus team, Mr. Huizenga was a partner and the founding member and head of the Patent Team at Arnall Golden Gregory, and prior to this he was a shareholder, and the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Venture Investment at Needle & Rosenberg, PC. Mr. Huizenga obtained his Ph.D. from Harvard, in the laboratory of Jack Szostak, Nobel Laureate in Medicine, and his Law Degree from Emory University Law School, where he was a Woodruff Fellow. Mr. Huizenga serves on numerous corporate and non-profit boards.